Webinars OnAir

Benefits of Hosting Webinars

Webinars offer the following benefits:

  • Costs savings in travel and boarding expenses
  • Time savings in gathering people to one location for meetings
  • Ability to have one or multiple presenters from around the country or world
  • Social Media friendly
  • Easy integration with other online platforms
  • Automatic recording of your presentations
  • Ability to take polls, surveys
  • Excellent format for training one on one or in groups
  • Excellent selling platform

Webinars are one of the fastest growing and most effective ways for public speakers and influencers to build their businesses online today. Webinars are effective and acceptable means of communicating information.

They have the added  plus of offering presentation slides, or live in person presentations using Google Hangouts. Combined with effective webinar software tools for scheduling and hosting the webinars, automatically setting up squeeze pages, allowing engagement through Q & A, taking live polls and more are a few of the advantages.

Run Your Webinar Indefinitely

Webinars can also be run indefinitely. Online tools and resources help you to set up the webinars,such as GoToMeeting, Join.me and WebinarsOnAir. The latter tool was made especially for online marketers and has features and ease of use that trumps the more corporate solutions. It is easily integrated with Hangouts.

Have Others To Handle The Technical Details of Setup

You don’t have to worry about the technical details of hosting your webinar. You can outsource that. If you need assistance setting up a webinar, contact us at 901-601-0548 and we will schedule it for you and handle all the details. We even have a live polite and professional host to greet your visitors. Just ask for Linda.

Upload Your Webinars To Facebook

With today’s technology,  you are not limited to those who attend your webinar. You can share your live or recorded webinar directly by outsourcing Social Media Marketing platforms like Facebook. As an additional service, we can setup your Webinar to run in real time on Facebook or set up the pre-recorded webinar to run indefinitely.

Testimonial for Online Webinars and Profitability

Hiring William has been the best thing to happen to my business. In fact, I consider him a permanent team member rather than a vendor. He breaks “techy” things down in a way that I can understand and the strategies he recommends are both practical and effective. He has helped me accomplish many things including:

  •  writing and publishing my book in less than 90 days
  •  implementing webinars into my overall marketing plan that contributed to major revenue increases
  •  creating an amazing website that not only looks great but ranks high in Google
  •  teaching me to blog effectively
  •  increasing my list size

Shayna Rattler, Supplier Diversity Academy.com